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At InRhythm we focus on relaxation and a fully integrated approach to holistic wellbeing. Our practioners offer a range of treatments and therapies to support your relaxation, emotional and physical needs either, as part of your own holistic approach to wellbeing, or to support any disharmony/illness being looked after by your doctor

All treatments have time allocated for a comprehensive consultation. This is to ensure you get the most from your treatment..
We believe that Balance, Rhythm and Harmony are the keys to optimising health and restoring strength and resilience to the body, mind and soul.

Training School
Through our close association with the London School of Classical Homoeopathy we can now offer training in Classical Homoeopathy and related fields..

Courses include:

4 Year Professional Diploma in Classical Homoeopathy - Part Time
1 Year Foundation Course in Homoeopathy - Distance Learning - Leading to acceptance on the 2nd year of the 4 Year Diploma course
1 Year Medical Sciences - Anatomy and Physiology for Complementary Therapists - Attendance and Distance Learning
Introduction to Homoeopathy - Distance Learning

Herbal Remedies
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Natural Choices
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Latina Aerobica
Latin Aerobics information Go here for the times and venues of this popular Latin Aerobics session.

Latin American and Ballroom
Dance Class information The times and venues for Latin American and Ballroom Dance classes.
Who are these courses for?
They are ideal for people from the UK and abroad who are unable to attend a School regularly; people who are perhaps working in shifts or who may be too far away or have a disability; people who just want to learn more about homœopathy in their own time and at their own pace; or people returning to studying who are not sure if they want to commit to a full programme.

Athletics Coaching
Athletics coaching is provided at Tilsley Park Athletics Track, Abingdon, Oxfordshire on Mondays and Wednesdays either on a one to one basis or through the running club as part of a group.
We hold Latina Aerobica classes and teach both Latin American and Ballroom dancing. Special classes for weddings are also offered.

Gordon Manning
Bowen Practioner and Hypnotherapist
Sperts and Massage Therapist
UKA Endurance and Sprints Coach
International Dance Teacher/Choreographer.
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